To raise money, get your startup formed correctly from day one.

The SUP platform offers startup teams a fast, easy, and affordable  solution for everything from formation to financing. With SUP, you get the best of both do-it-yourself and professional legal services.

The only complete, affordable startup launch service


SUP gives you a legal portal for document generation, execution, and archiving -- and if you need help, access to an experienced venture legal team.


Don't stake your company's future on random internet tutorials and your best guesses. SUP Academy teaches you venture economics and law so that you'll avoid startup-killing mistakes and be ready when the time comes to negotiate with VCs.


The entire SUP program – from our cap tables to our education program to our document services – was born from the experience of longtime venture attorneys and investors. SUP enables you to leverage legal expertise without paying for an expensive law firm.


Unlike DIY legal forms sites, SUP includes consultation with startup legal professionals. Attorneys and staff work with you to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure your startup is ready for venture funding.

SUP uniquely ensures you've nailed the 7 fundamentals that investors demand. Here's how.

1. Setting Up Your Cap Table

2. Forming a Delaware Corporation

3. Founders' Stock Purchase Agreements and 83(b)s

4. Getting Founders' and Key Employees' Intellectual Property Into the Company

5. Establishing a Stock Option Plan and Pricing the Common Stock Properly

6. Financing Properly With SAFEs and Convertible Notes

7. Hiring Contractors and Employees Correctly

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Unlike do-it-yourself legal-forms sites, SUP provides you with both the knowledge to fill out those forms (SUP Academy) as well as advice and legal support from experienced venture attorneys.  But SUP costs much less than working with traditional law firms – about 90% less.

SUP includes:

You can check out the complete list of features here.

SUP Premium includes all the features of SUP, but adds custom support to serve special legal needs, including rapid formation services. If you’re interested in SUP Premium, please fill out this form so we can better understand your needs and design custom services for you.

SUP, which includes the custom legal portal, business formation document generation and filing, our cap tables, the SUP Academy venture education program, and legal consultation to answer your questions and ensure your formation plans are completed correctly, is $5,000. That’s about a 10th of what you’d spend working with a traditional law firm.

SUP Premium, which adds customized legal services, is priced based upon what services you require. To get an estimate, please use this form to tell us a little more about what you’re looking for.

Yes! In fact, legal consultation is built into SUP. We are not a legal forms service; SUP is a complete toolkit for entrepreneurs. Part of that toolkit is time with experienced venture attorneys and paralegals who can answer questions and will review your formation plans.

You’re not going it alone.

SUP provides a complete startup formation toolkit for entrepreneurs, including document generation and filing, as well as legal consultation to review your formation plans.

SUP Premium includes everything found in SUP and adds more time with venture attorneys and paralegals. SUP Premium is designed to address special legal needs of your startup, and can provide services such as expedited business formation. To find out how SUP Premium can help, tell us a little more about yourself and your startup.

Born from years of startup experience

Your choices today to figure out how to legally set up your company to be venture capital ready and get your cap table figured out are limited. You could do a web search and figure it out from 100 different sources on YouTube, CooleyGo Venture Hacks, other blogs and FAQs that may or may not be right for what you want to do or you could go to an expensive venture law firm.

So we’ve built a platform that gives you the alternative to the traditional expensive attorney billable hours with a venture law firm, including us, and/or the frugal DIY method where you don’t know if you are doing it right or not. With SUP, you get the best of both worlds, plus benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

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