StartupProgram.com Academy Now Included With New Brex Accounts

By StartupProgram.com Team


When founding a company, it’s all too easy to get personal finances and your startup’s accounts co-mingled. And that’s a bad thing for a number of reasons, including that it makes it difficult to track your company’s spending and can cause huge headaches come tax time. 

To help solve this problem, StartupProgram.com has partnered with Brex, one of the leading financial services companies for startups, to empower entrepreneurs with startup-focused financial tools for their early stage companies. A Brex cash management account with corporate card provides detailed spending reports, offers free wire transfers, integrates with third-party accounting and expense reporting services, and much more.   

And when you open a Brex cash management account and corporate card, StartupProgram.com will give you one year of access to StartupProgram.com Academy at no charge. This combination of the right financial tools and the knowledge you need to make good financial decisions can greatly improve your startup’s chances of success. 

The Complete Startup Education to Prepare for Venture Capital

The free one-year enrollment in StartupProgram.com Academy includes all three lecture series – Venture Economics 101, Venture Law 101 and the Startup User’s Guide – as well as all three StartupProgram.com cap tables. Additionally, you’ll have access to our collection of startup forms that are essential for establishing a business that’s venture-capital ready. 

SUP Academy is an interactive video lecture series created by longtime venture lawyer and angel investor Dan Offner, who has worked with companies such as Oculus, Facebook, Ubisoft and Exploding Kittens. The academy curriculum walks you through the legal and financial considerations of forming your company, and covers critical topics such as setting up a stock incentive program, the correct way to incorporate, how to get intellectual property into the company, vesting and much more. The lectures are tightly integrated with our exclusive StartupProgram.com cap tables, so you can fill out your cap table as your work through the videos. 

Financial Tools Designed for Startup Entrepreneurs

Like StartupProgram.com, Brex is focused on helping entrepreneurs create a solid foundation as they begin building their startups. A Brex cash management account and corporate card include features especially designed for startups: 

  • Separate your finances from your company’s finances: No personal guarantee required for tech companies (as well as large ecommerce and life science startups) 
  • Tools for tracking spending 
  • Integration with accounting services such Xero, Expensify and Quickbooks
  • Unlimited free wire transfers
  • Deposits are invested in government money market funds with competitive yields

You can learn more about Brex financial services on the company’s website, but be sure to visit our StartupProgram.com / Brex partnership page to read about the specifics of how to qualify for the SUP Academy special offer. 

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