Venture Academy Included with New Brex Accounts

StartupProgram.com Academy, our exclusive online curriculum for entrepreneurs, is available free of charge for one year when you follow the below steps to open a new cash management account with Brex, one of the leading financial services companies for startups.This offer includes the Venture Economics 101, Venture Law 101 and Startup User’s Guide lectures, as well as all three StartupProgram.com cap tables and the startup forms you’ll need to establish your company correctly.

how to get your free venture education

You must follow and complete each of the below steps to be eligible for this offer.


Sign Up on Brex

Sign up for a Brex cash management account and corporate card.


Make Your Brex Card Your Default Payment Method

Make your Brex Card your default payment option on any app or service.


Watch Your Email

We’ll email you a code to redeem for your free 12-month enrollment in StartupProgram.com Academy. Please allow about a week for processing.

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More Value
for Less cost

From experience, we know how much time it takes to teach the basics of venture education, and it’s no quick task. When you choose SUP Academy over the standard way of having an expensive hourly attorney walk you through the same material, you can save thousands of dollars.





SUP Academy 1-year subscription with Venture Economics 101, Venture Law 101, The Startup User's Guide, SUP Cap Tables, startup forms and more




Same package when you open a Brex cash management account




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