A Complete Startup Toolkit

Unlike other solutions for entrepreneurs, SUP includes everything you need to form a startup that’s ready for venture capital from day one. You’ll get our exclusive cap tables, the complete SUP Academy online venture education program, your own startup legal portal for document generation, and consultation with experienced venture attorneys.

your legal platform

SUP pulls together all the information, forms, and legal consultation you'll need to launch. And when venture capitalists come calling, an archive of your executed documents will be ready for them.


Don't mess with downloading forms -- SUP's document generation service makes it easy to generate and file all your formation (and other) documents.


Our Debt Equity Model is not just another cap table. Created by investors and battle-tested with hundreds of clients, these three cap tables cover all your scenarios.


SUP Academy, featuring Venture Economics 101 and Venture Law 101, will teach you how to make critical decisions when forming your startup and planning its future.


A lot of decisions must be made and a lot of information needs to be collected for filing formation documents. Our User's Guide video series walks you through all of it.


You don't have to go it alone. SUP comes with legal consultation from experienced startup attorneys who can review your plans and answer your questions.

"Venture Econ 101 and Venture Law 101 provided the insight I needed to break down the equity in my company so my team and I can negotiate with VCs going forward."
Ann Kono

Or have us do it all for you.

SUP Premium comes with everything included in SUP, but also adds additional paralegal and venture lawyer support. If you need to form as quickly as possible, have specific legal needs, or simply prefer for us to handle the details of business formation, SUP Premium is for you.

More about SUP and SUP Premium

There are four core features to SUP,  and all are designed to work together to provide a complete toolkit for launching your startup:

  • Legal portal – Where you can generate formation (and other) documents, retrieve executed documents, and get help from a venture attorney.
  • Cap Tables – All three of our proprietary cap tables, in portable Excel format.
  • SUP Academy – Learn how to build out your cap table and make critical decisions about your company’s structure and equity plan. Includes Venture Economics 101, Venture Law 101 and the Startup User’s Guide / Questionnaire.
  • Consultation with a venture attorney – SUP comes with one hour of attorney time for the extra peace of mind of having a legal review of your plans.

Check out this complete list of SUP features.

SUP Premium comes with everything included with SUP and adds personalized legal services.

With SUP Premium, experienced venture attorneys and staff will handle all the business-formation work for you, and will be available for any other specific legal needs you may have.

SUP Premium services are built around your needs and goals. To get started, please tell us a little more about yourself and your business, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss how we can help.

SUP is much more than a catalog of legal forms. Backed by a venture law firm, SUP gives you all the tools you need to correctly form and manage the legal considerations of a startup designed with venture capital funding in mind.

With SUP Academy, you’ll learn how to make critical decisions about who gets equity (and how much), how you should take on seed and angel investments, board members and officers, and much more.

And with the SUP Debt Equity Model cap tables, you’ll be able to put that knowledge into action, mapping out your company’s financial future, from formation to exit.

And yes, SUP has the forms for you, too – as part of your own startup legal portal, which includes an archive of your executed formation and equity documents, all organized and ready for review by VCs.

Finally, unlike a legal forms site, SUP comes with the peace of mind of an attorney reviewing your work.

Don’t make guesses about forming your startup; use SUP.

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