SUP gives founders a powerful, integrated tool set for  business formation, capital modeling, and ongoing legal preparedness for startups seeking venture capital.


Your startup legal platform

SUP includes our exclusive startup legal portal, an integrated suite of tools to provide your legal services, planning, and education in one cohesive tool backed by an experienced venture law firm. Don’t risk your business by piecing together Internet freebies and tutorials; get SUP.

One place for your legal resources

Access startup education lessons, generate new corporate documents, arrange for consultation,  and more Рall in one place.

all you need for formation & beyond

Easily complete all the filings needed for formation and generate other legal documents as your startup grows.

easily connect to legal help

Your account connects with experienced venture lawyers. Easily arrange consultation times, share documents, and get feedback.

Be ready for venture capitalists

Before investing, VCs will want to see how you’ve set up your company. Our due-diligence archive makes it easy to provide the documentation they require.

Fast document creation

There’s a lot of paperwork that comes with launching a startup. SUP’s automated document generation service speeds up the process, allowing you to spend more time building your startup instead of spending time filling out forms.

Enter once, use everywhere

When you enter information that’s used on multiple documents, you enter it just once. The system automatically populates formation, tax, stock, and other documents for you as needed.

Easy to follow workflow

Not just a pile of files for you to fill out, our document generation service breaks up form-filling tasks into easy-to-complete batches.

complete document catalog

Our document generation service includes:
  • Incorporation documents
  • Stock grant and purchase agreements
  • Intellectual property assignments
  • Hiring documents
  • IRS tax elections
  • SEC filings

signing service and archive built in

Executing documents is simple – just share with the signatory using our built-in signing service. And all executed documents are archived for future reference.

Sophisticated cap tables

Sure, there are dozens of cap tables out there. But the SUP’s Debt Equity Model cap table, built by a venture investor and battle-tested by hundreds of startups, is unlike any other. All three versions come with SUP.

All three cap tables are included in SUP Academy. Enroll Now.

three versions for the latest modeling

With three versions, you can use the cap table most appropriate for your startup:

  • Post Money: For use with post-money SAFEs
  • Traditional: For pre-money SAFEs
  • Y Combinator stake: For use if the incubator has a stake in your startup

Next-level calculations

The SUP cap tables include calculations that accurately track equity ownership, taking into account individual vesting schedules of stock grants, ensuring you know who has what at any time.


As a founder, your early investors’ SAFEs and convertible notes affect your ownership share as you take on additional investments. Our cap tables accurately track founders’ dilution and help you make wise choices when giving up more equity for funding.

integrated with all of SUP

Our SUP Academy online education program guides you through every choice you’ll make when building your cap table. And when you’re ready, experienced venture lawyers can review your cap table before you lock it and form your company.

SUP Academy

SUP Academy is our exclusive interactive online curriculum for entrepreneurs, featuring Venture Economics 101, which explains everything you need to know about the financial dynamics of running a startup, and Venture Law 101, a course in the legal considerations of forming, running, and financing a startup seeking venture capital.

Not ready for all of SUP, but want SUP Academy? Enroll here.

a full curriculum on Venture Econ

Topics covered in Venture Economics 101 include:

  • Using Your Cap Table
  • Stock Incentive Plans
  • SAFEs, Notes, and Self-Financing
  • Pro Forma Series A
  • Post-Money and Waterfall Scenarios

Important topics in Venture Law

Venture Law 101’s classes cover:

  • How and where to form your company
  • Choosing board members and officers
  • The right way to self-finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Hiring

Protect yourself and your startup

SUP Academy shows you how to avoid common mistakes surrounding equity dilution, stock grants, intellectual property, taxes, hiring, and other issues that can kill a company.


Venture Law 101 ensures your startup has the legal structure that venture capitalists will require, and Venture Economics 101 will help you fully understand your company’s equity position before you start negotiating with VCs.

Startup User's Guide

After completing Venture Economics 101 and Venture Law 101, you’ll be ready to make all the critical decisions surrounding the formation of your startup. The last class in SUP Academy, the Startup User’s Guide (we sometimes call it the Startup Questionnaire), helps you work through those decisions.

Not ready for all of SUP, but want the User's Guide? Get Academy.

works with your legal portal

The User’s Guide is designed specifically to help you complete business-formation data in SUP’s document generation service. If you don’t get SUP, the guide comes with a standalone spreadsheet workbook as part of Academy.

gather all your formation info

The User’s Guide helps you collect all the data you’ll need for formation:

  • Core business information
  • Management choices
  • Capitalization and equity distribution
  • Founder financing arrangements

helps you make the Right calls

It’s one thing to know you need to make a choice, it’s another to make the right one. The SUP User’s Guide helps you apply what you learned in Venture Economics 101 and Venture Law 101 as you’re entering your formation data.

Part of your plan for success

With SUP, the User’s Guide helps you complete the forms that our document generation service will use to generate and file your formation paperwork. And just like that, you’ve launched your corporation.

Legal consultation

Even with all the best tools and a venture education, it’s good to know someone has your back. With SUP, experienced venture lawyers and paralegals from our partner law firm work with you to answer your questions and review your formation plans. And if you have specific legal needs, or simply prefer for us to handle the details of business formation, find out how SUP Premium can help you.

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