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StartupProgram.com’s Cap Table and the StartupProgram.com Academy online lecture series ensure that you are well-prepared to form a startup that’s ready to receive venture capital. Once you’ve finished the lectures, you’ll have the knowledge you need to complete your cap table and design the structure of your company to make it an attractive investment to angel investors and venture capitalists, but you will still need to form the corporation.  

That’s where StartupProgram.com Professional Services comes in. 

Review by Experienced Venture Attorneys 

Although StartupProgram.com Academy provides you with the knowledge to form your startup correctly, you may still want that extra peace of mind that comes with having attorneys prepare your corporate documents, StartupProgram.com Professional Services helps you solve this problem at the fraction of the cost of hiring that big law firm. This way you can have the confidence that all of your legal paperwork is done right at the outset, and all corporate filings are correctly submitted with various state and securities agencies. 

All of these services will be performed  by O&A, P.C., whose team will work with you to address all your legal questions and needs, by  leveraging the knowledge of the firm’s seasoned venture attorneys, who have decades of experience serving venture backed startups.

The Professional Services Process

At the conclusion of the StartupProgram.com Academy lecture series, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that gathers information that O&A will need for the state and federal filings necessary to create your corporation as well as build out its financial and legal engine. As part of Professional Services, this completed questionnaire, along with your completed cap table, will generate what we call a Legal and Business Blueprint, which will be reviewed by a venture attorney at O&A, P.C. At that point, you’ll participate in a live workshop with the venture attorney,  who will discuss your Blueprint with you (and your team), and help answer any questions you may have. During this workshop specific questions are addressed such as “How do I protect my IP?”, “Can you explain to me what the Class B common stock is used for?” or “What paperwork should I use if I have a friend who is willing to invest $10k into my company?” Once your questions have been answered and your blueprint has been confirmed, you’ll be ready to form your corporation. 

O&A, P.C. is a corporate and commercial boutique law firm led by startup lawyer and investor Daniel Offner, who has helped form and support dozens of venture-backed companies, including Oculus/Facebook, Ubisoft, and Exploding Kittens. Offner, who is also the founder of StartupProgram.com Inc., has been advising startups on formation plans for more than 30 years. 

Although Professional Services provides you time with an attorney, that doesn’t mean StartupProgram.com leads to expensive legal bills. StartupProgram.com Academy empowers you with knowledge to make your own decisions to build a corporation to be venture ready; therefore, you will spend less time learning the same concepts from an attorney, who would otherwise bill you at expensive hourly rate to walk you through everything that goes into building your cap table and choosing the right entity to form. The combination of the StartupProgram.com Academy with Professional Services hits the sweet spot of value with peace of mind. 

Corporate formation, filings, and documents ready for venture capitalists

After you work through the final details of your cap table and formation plans with O&A’s legal team, StartupProgram’s  proprietary software will automatically generate all of your legal documents for the state and federal filings needed to launch your corporation plus give you all the forms you need to hire your first employees and take on your first investors. The documents are delivered to you in a specific sequence designed to feel confident in your decisions and ensure you actually execute all the documents. After you have reviewed your documents and asked any last minute questions, we will upload your documents to our e-signature platform to have all participants electronically sign the documents. The O&A team  will file the executed documents with the appropriate  state agencies on your behalf, and just like that, you’ve launched a corporation that’s set up to begin accepting venture-capital funding on day one. There’s no heavy lifting on your part, no need to chase down the right forms on DIY sites, no wondering what needs to be filled out on which form, or spending tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive big law firm. 

At the time of filing, StartupProgram.com Professional Services also creates an electronic “due diligence archive” that ensures you can easily access your corporation’s legal documents, which venture capitalists and other investors will want to review before investing in your company. 

With StartupProgram.com Professional Services, you will form your corporation correctly, protect your intellectual property, map out and execute the equity breakdown for your founding team, create a corporate structure that VCs want to invest in, and you’ll have the documentation ready to share when the time comes to negotiate with your first investor. Not only that, StartupProgram.com provides you the tools and templates you need to continue growing your business from hiring, commercial agreements, and raising money from friends and family.

You can sign up for StartupProgram.com Professional Services, which includes both the StartupProgram.com Cap Tables and StartupProgram.com Academy, with this form.

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